How to order a wedding cake

It’s probably not something you’ve done before, so here’s our ten-step guide to getting the perfect wedding cake.

1. Check availability (here)

If your wedding date is green or orange then we’re looking good, but if it’s red then I’m very sorry, but we’re already fully-booked for that date.

You can secure your date by paying a deposit at any time.  Many of our couples secure their date early and wait until nearer the wedding before they book a consultation.

2. Book a free consultation (here)

You may know exactly what you want, you may not have the faintest idea, but your consultation is the opportunity to explore what’s possible and make sure the cake you order is the perfect centrepiece for your special day.  Plus you get a free cup of tea and some cake samples for tasting!

Your consultation will be with Rachel, and will usually be on a Saturday or Sunday, although we can make other arrangements where necessary.  It’s best for you to come to us, as we have a wide selection of display cakes, magazines, ribbon, lace, cake tins, etc to help you make choices.

3. Bring some ideas, or don’t – it’s entirely up to you

Have a look round our website and see what you like, or bring in clippings of ideas you’ve seen elsewhere.  If you’ve already chosen a style or colours for your wedding then please bring snippets of fabric, ribbon, etc to allow us to correctly match the colour. We can’t copy the work of other designers, but we can work with you to incorporate elements that you like into a design for you.

Or if you prefer, come with an open mind and we’ll show you what’s possible and help you choose something special.

4. At the consultation

Consultations last up to an hour and cover all of the following and more:

  • When you plan to serve the cake: how much cake you need can depend on when you serve it.  People will eat more or less depending on whether it’s served as dessert or as part of an evening buffet, for example.
  • Size of the cake or number of cupcakes: A typical cake serving for sponge is usually 1” by 2” top section, and for fruit 1” square.
  • Flavours: We have many to choose from, all divine, and each tier can be a different flavour.  There are no rules about which go where; if someone’s told you the bottom tier has to be fruit cake, they’re wrong!  You’ll usually get to try five or six different flavours during your consultation.
  • The design: The most important aspect is what your cake will look like and how it co-ordinates with other features of your wedding such as fabrics, stationery, venue dressing, flowers, etc.  Rachel will develop the design with you and sketch the cake as a record of what you’ve agreed.  If you have samples of fabric, ribbon or stationery, please bring them so we can ensure a good match.
  • Cake stands: Most venues will offer a cake stand, but it may not be to your taste or suit the style of your cake.  We’ll talk you through the options for hiring one of ours.
  • Delivery and setup: We prefer to deliver and set up the wedding cake ourselves, and will liaise with the venue and catering staff so it’s one thing you don’t have to worry about on the day.  Delivery within a 45 minute drive is free.

5. After the consultation

We’ll write up your consultation notes and email them to you with a quote for your cake.  This can take a few days if we’ve had a lot of consultations on the same day.  We are happy to accept changes to your order up to a month before the wedding.

6. Secure your date with a deposit

If you’re happy with your quote, we ask for a deposit of £50 to secure your date, if you haven’t already done so.  This deposit is non-returnable as it means we will be turning down all future enquiries for that date.

7. Pay the full amount at least 28 days before the wedding

The full amount is due 28 days before the wedding. Payment can be by cash or credit/debit card, but bank transfer is our preferred method, and we are happy to accept payment in instalments.

8. Relax, you’re in good hands

From then on, we probably won’t need to be in touch until after the wedding.  If you’ve ordered a fruit cake for part of your wedding cake, it will be baked 3 months before the date to allow it to mature.  Any other flavours will be baked a few days before your big day and decorated in the two days (and nights!) before delivery.  We will then deliver and set up the cake on the day and liaise with catering staff as necessary.

9. Get married and eat cake

Many of our couples get married just so they can eat cake.  It’s true.

10. After the wedding

We’d love it if you could let us know what you thought of the cake via our facebook page.

If you’ve hired a cake stand from us, please arrange for it to be returned during the week, as it may be required the following weekend.