Why order a cake from Joanna Rose?

We believe your cake should look amazing and taste divine.  All our recipes are our own, and have been developed over the years to create what we think are the best-tasting cakes in Yorkshire.  The feedback we have received from customers is that they choose us because our cakes simply taste better than anyone else’s.  And yes, we feel a little smug about that :)

We never use cake mixes, and we never cut corners by using cheaper sugar paste or other ingredients. Every cake is hand-made from scratch and always will be.

We like to think our cakes look as good as they taste as well, and we very much hope you’ll agree.

Why are wedding cakes so expensive compared to shop cakes?

Most of the value of a bespoke wedding cake is in the labour.  Our cakes are hand-baked and hand-crafted from scratch.  Each of our signature roses takes around an hour to make, for example.  A typical three-tier cake decorated with roses and piping will probably take about 20-30 hours of effort to produce.  Once ingredients and overheads are taken into account, hopefully you can see that the cost is actually very reasonable.

How much notice do you need for a wedding cake?

Fruit cakes need around three months to mature, although we do have a special recipe which we can use in a rush.  Other than that, we could in theory book a cake within a week of delivery.

In practice, however, we are booking dates up to two years in advance, so for busy times of the year we would be very unlikely to have availability at short notice.

What makes up a typical wedding cake?

The cake will be flavoured sponge or fruitcake.  Fruitcakes are baked 3 months before the day to allow them to mature, and ‘fed’ with brandy regularly to keep them moist.  They are then covered in marzipan before being decorated.

Sponge cakes will be baked 2-3 days before the wedding, drizzled in flavoured syrup and then layered with a filling; jam and buttercream, for example.  The cake is then fully covered in a thin layer of ganache before being decorated.

The decoration usually consists of a layer of high-quality sugar paste and once covered, flowers, piping and other designs are added in sugar paste and royal icing.

We only use the finest ingredients available for our cakes.  Our eggs are locally sourced from a free-range farm and our Belgian chocolate is the same chocolate used by many high-end chocolatiers.

Do I have to have fruit cake?

It’s surprising how many people still think that a ‘proper’ wedding cake has to be made of fruit cake, but very few of our clients order fruit cake at all these days, and when they do it’s often the smallest tier of the cake, or a separate cutting cake.

So no, you don’t have to have fruit cake if you don’t want it (although we think our fruit cake is rather nice :)

If I do have fruit cake, does it have to be the bottom (largest) tier?

No, it’s a common myth that fruit cake (the heaviest and sturdiest cake flavour) has to be on the bottom to support the rest of the cake.  In fact, no cake should ever sit directly on another cake without supports, whether or not it’s fruit cake.

Our cakes are all internally supported by dowel rods which provide stability and prevent sagging or movement.  This means that if you want a small fruit cake it can be any tier of the cake.

I don’t like buttercream/icing/vanilla/fruitcake/chocolate (delete as appropriate)

That’s ok, you don’t have to choose one cake to satisfy everybody, as there are many ways of catering for different tastes amongst you and your guests.  If you’re having a tiered wedding cake you can have each tier flavoured differently.  We can also provide a separate ‘cutting cake’, either decorated or undecorated, to be served to those who want or need something different.  Cupcakes and mini-cakes are another way of providing an option.

The bride/groom/best man/mother is gluten intolerant

That’s ok too.  We believe we have the best gluten-free and dairy-free cake recipes in Yorkshire, and can incorporate these as tiers of the main cake, or as separate mini-cakes or cutting cakes.  We’ll talk you through the options at your consultation.

Can we incorporate our own toppers/objects into the design?

Only if they are food-safe.  In practice we prefer not to do this.

Could you decorate a cake that someone else has made?

We’re sorry but this isn’t something we would consider doing.

Can you copy a cake design we saw somewhere else?

Yes, but we would be happier if you chose one of our designs.  The design belongs to the original designer so we would need to get permission from them to copy their work.  We can usually incorporate ideas from other designs into our cakes.